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-Xconsult- Unternehmensberatung - Coaching

About us


Xconsult was founded by Annette and Reza Darius. At the Hückelhoven location we are still established today as your competent and efficient partner for all consulting tasks related to your company.

Our long-standing and trusting customer relationships are based on our performance-oriented and goal-oriented way of working, which we permanently and timely adjust to the constantly changing need for advice. The permanent exchange of experience with our clients forms a solid basis for the successful completion of our consulting projects.



Optimization of your resources for the perfect entry into future Globalized markets, increased dynamism and heightened competitive conditions are increasingly posing major challenges for companies, but they also offer enormous opportunities. The economy has changed, and it does permanently!

Changes in markets but also in companies themselves take place at an unprecedented speed.

The optimal mix of economic, human and cultural knowledge forms the foundation for the successful launch of your business into highly lucrative economic markets.

Finding the right strategy and implementing it in a suitable structure are ongoing processes that need to be continuously driven, coordinated and controlled.

When success requires the involvement of employees and leaders, it is often necessary to ask critical questions and to learn important things first.

Based on experience we offer you a professional consulting approach that has developed over the years and is perfectly tailored to Your company.

We use methods that aim to discuss and set goals, and to focus and reach them through perfectly prepared and appropriate people.


Our competence:

- MANAGEMENT CONSULTING (Marketing & Sales, Operations, Organization, Risk Management, Sustainability & Resource Productivity, Market Analysis, Development of Product and Service Concepts for New Markets, Optimization of Processes and Structures, Project Finance, Customer Acquisition, Employee Motivation and Coaching, Change Management etc.) Development and implementation of complex strategies: concept development / program development, identification of key topics, international networking, placing your company in the new market


- POLICY CONSULTING (interest representation, public affairs, issue management, risk analysis, monitoring, strategy and position papers, organization of events, development of industrial relations, campaigns, etc.) Franchise systems (consulting, creation of manuals, realization, promotion)


-MONITORING and EVALUATION (quality management, evaluation of complex programs and policies (sustainability strategies, export promotion programs, regional programs), systematic collection, monitoring and monitoring of projects, processes and organizational units)


- PROJECT MANAGEMENT (control and development of projects (initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, launching of projects)


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Parkhofstr. 1

41836 Hückelhoven

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02433/913315 02433/913315




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